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"The strawberry The strawberries were so fresh. The cake was moist. I couldn't believe they were vegan."

DS - Charlotte, NC

"When I thought your desserts couldn't get any better you outdid yourself with the smore's cookies."

BJ - East Texas

"Between your cakes and cookies, I don't know which I love more."

ND - Dallas, TX 

"I had to hide the cookies from myself and parents. They LOVED the sweets."

DR - Chicago, IL


"I got the cookies. Oh my gosh they’re so delicious thank you!"

SB - Charlotte, NC

"OMG.... this marshmallow/chocolate chip cookie is heavenly!!"

DB - York, SC

"Yes they have just enough sweetness for me."

MS - Charlotte, NC 

"I finished all my cookies with one more left and I am trying to save it."

KW, Carmichael, CA

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