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"My history is her story."

The name Linda Reneè is a tribute to both of my mothers; Mama Tina and Mama Latay. Linda Reneè Sweets is truly one of my greatest accomplishments to date. Every baked good is baked with love. You will feel the love with every bite.  

I started in the kitchen as a little girl. Late Saturday nights and early Sunday mornings, I would help my mama  with preparing Sunday dinner. If it wasn't Sunday dinner, it was going on grocery store runs to pick up items for various occasions from holiday dinners, to Super Bowl parties. There was so much love in the kitchen and even without them here physically the love remains to provide you the best vegan desserts. 

Before I was able to cook, I remember fighting my siblings to watch Food Network. I loved recipes, measuring cups, and of course washing dishes. I remember getting frustrated when I couldn't spell an ingredient correctly or  remember what the host said. 

I've always loved the kitchen but throughout my college journey, I didn't spend much time baking. As I entered graduate school during the pandemic, I rekindled my passion for baking. I was encouraged by friends and family to sell my baked goods. It was a year after graduating from my graduate program that I finally decided to share Linda Reneè Sweets with the world.

This business came into fruition after constantly being disappointed by the lack of vegan dessert options. I have a sweet tooth and always crave desserts but most of the desserts I would purchase didn't satisfy my sweet tooth. They weren't fresh and often time overpriced. 

A major part of my baking philosophy is quality, fresh, and local ingredients. All desserts are made by me and made fresh. All bakes are made from scratch.  With every bite, you will feel comfort and love. I take pride in every dessert that is ordered and delivered. I promise you will experience flavor unlike anything you've ever had before but vegan. 

Ordering with Linda Reneè Sweets is not only an opportunity to taste delicious vegan baked goods, it's supporting my lifelong dream of owning my own bakery. If you would like to learn more about my vegan journey and experience tune into my podcast feature with Jasmine Castillo. 

My clients are truly a priority to me and that is showcased through my quality baked goods. How can I make you, your family, and friends day special through my baked goods? Head over to the delicious bakes page to see the amazing baked goods I have to offer. 

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