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Terms and Conditions


  • All sales are final.

  • All payments are non-refundable.

  • All payments are made via invoice and/or website. No cash or checks are accepted.

  • Linda Renee Sweets reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.

  • To ensure order completion, full payment must be made prior to pick up. Failure to do so will result in order cancellation.

  • Any and all changes must be provided in writing via Email only.

  • Any and all changes are subject to availability and  approval by Linda Renee Sweets.

  • Any change requests cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges. Additional charges will be sent via invoice and payment is required upon receipt.

  • Should your event be canceled and I have not yet commenced work on your baked goods, you will be issued a gift card that remains valid for use at your convenience. If I have started on your baked goods, you will not be issued a gift card and products will still be delivered at agreed upon time.

  • Should your event be postponed, please notify me immediately with the date change via email.


Upon the collection of an order, the products will be deemed as accepted by the client. Requests for refunds based on factors such as color, design, decorating style, etc., shall not be accommodated subsequent to the acceptance of the cake by either yourself or a nominated representative. Should there be any dissatisfaction, you are welcome to return the full product for necessary adjustments.

I package my bakes as securely as possible, but I cannot be held responsible for the quality of your driving or the driving of anyone collecting your bakes. If goods are damaged during their transport, any damages or loss are your responsibility.

Please drive carefully when transporting baked goods. Baked goods should be placed on the floorboards of your car.

All products are the responsibility of the client once they leave the possession of Linda Renee Sweets.

Linda Renee Sweets cannot be responsible for undeliverable products or delays in the receipt of cakes due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control including the absence of the gift recipient. 

It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure the provision of an ideal environment for desserts, encompassing conditions of cool temperature, a stable and robust table setup, and safeguarding against direct exposure to sunlight.

It is essential to uphold any agreed-upon schedule. Kindly arrange your pickup time accordingly. Should you require an earlier pickup than initially planned, please promptly get in touch with Linda Renee Sweets. Please note that an earlier pickup time might not be feasible.

Instances of delayed pickups will result in a $40 tardiness charge.



Linda Renee Sweets shall refrain from duplicating the design present in any photographs or client-provided inspiration. Instead, Linda Renee Sweets will craft a distinct dessert exclusively tailored for your occasion.

The utilization of darker hues within buttercream and cream cheese preparations could potentially lead to staining and a bitter flavor profile. In such instances, Linda Renee Sweets cannot be held accountable for these outcomes.

Color constitutes a scientific field of study. While I endeavor to closely replicate the provided color, I cannot ensure an absolute color match. A color match sample must be provided by the client via email.


Linda Renee Sweets reserves the rights to use any reviews and/or testimony.

Linda Renee Sweets reserves the right to utilize this content in various manners, encompassing, yet not confined to, sharing on social media, promotional activities, and advertising.

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